Contract Hire is a flexible method of vehicle financing that provides a high level of personal freedom to the customer when it comes to financing their vehicle. The cost of the car is split into fixed monthly repayments, as agreed with the dealership, and once the contract ends, the vehicle is returned to the dealer. The length of time and the monthly rate can be discussed and decided upon with us, and at the end of the contract you are free to discover a new Isuzu vehicle with us.


We offer Contract Hire for our Single Cab vehicles, allowing you to use the vehicle with no risk of depreciation, as it will be returned to us at the end of the contract. You'll then have the freedom to purchase a newer Isuzu model. Road Tax is included in the contract, and we can also offer further options for maintenance and servicing. The rentals and mileage packages are both flexible, and the contract term is adjustable.


Contract Hire is available for our Extended Cab cars. This finance package allows you to hire the car with no risk regarding depreciation, as the vehicle will be returned to us once the contract ends. This also gives you the option of choosing a new Isuzu model. Our finance packages include flexible rentals and mileage packages, as well as an adjustable contract term. Your package includes Road Tax, and options for additional included maintenance and service can be arranged.


Arranging a Contract Hire package when purchasing one of our Double Cab vehicles will give you a number of excellent benefits. The nature of this finance package ensures that your vehicle will not be subject to depreciation, as it will be returned to us at the end of the process. We offer you flexible rental and mileage packages, as well as adjustable contract terms and mileages if you desire. Road Tax is automatically included within the package, and options for services and maintenance can also be arranged.