The process behind Lease Purchase is similar to that of Hire Purchase, but allows the customer greater flexibility regarding payment options. The primary benefit is the ability to reduce monthly payments through a 'balloon payment' - deferring an amount of the outstanding balance to be paid at the end of the contract's duration.


The benefits of using Lease Purchase to buy a Single Cab Isuzu vehicle from our new or used stock includes fixed rates, allowing for pinpoint budgeting and price levels that won't change. The payment process can be arranged to take place between one and four years, with added flexibility to both initial and ongoing deposits. Following successful payment of the vehicle, the ownership will be transferred to you, and the contract will end.


We offer Lease Purchase as an payment option when purchasing Extended Cab Isuzu vehicles from us. The process begins with a deposit, the amount of which is flexible and can be agreed upon between you and us, the dealership. We will agree on an amount of time for you to pay back the remaining agreed-upon amount - between one and four years. During this time, you can also reduce your monthly payments by agreeing to pay the difference at the end of the contract as a 'balloon payment'. Following successful payment of the vehicle, full ownership will be transferred to you.


If you are looking to buy a Double Cab Isuzu vehicle from us, you have the option of taking out a Lease Purchase finance package. This gives you flexibility both when it comes to your initial deposit, as well as your monthly payments. The contract will last between one and four years, and can be finished with a 'balloon payment' in order to reduce your monthly outgoings during the process. At the end of the contract, we transfer full ownership of the vehicle to you.