For a business looking to hire a vehicle with full ownership at the end of the contract, we offer Hire Purchase packages. These give your company a quick and easy method to acquire vehicles, as well as a level of flexibility regarding monthly payment options. Contact us today if you have any questions or enquiries regarding our Hire Purchase process or our Isuzu vehicles available for company use.

One of the benefits of taking on Hire Purchase for one of our Single Cab Isuzu vehicles is that a decision can be provided within two hours, making it quick and timely for you. A fixed interest rate is applied for the duration of the Hire Purchase agreement, and there are no hidden additional costs. The only expense to your company will be the monthly payments and the purchase fee - following this, vehicle ownership will transfer fully to you. As this falls under business purposes, there is also the possibility of reclaiming VAT.


We can also offer you Extended Cab and Double Cab Isuzu vehicles under Contract Hire, giving your business a financial advantage when it comes to short-term car ownership. Contract Hire includes road tax as standard, and can be expanded to include features such as ongoing maintenance and service options. At the end of the Contract Hire agreement, the vehicle will be returned back to us at the dealership. The benefit of this is that you and your company won't have to deal with vehicle depreciation - and you will have the freedom to take on a completely new vehicle afterwards.