Through Contract Hire packages, we can offer you a number of benefits and advantages that will aid and empower your business. Contract Hire will allow you to hire vehicles from us for a fixed period of time, after which they will be returned to us. We will take responsibility for the vehicle from then on, giving your business the freedom to take on a new vehicle at your leisure.


Single Cab Isuzu vehicles are available from us under Contract Hire. Under this process, we will agree upon fixed monthly costs, which will not change for the duration of the Contract Hire package. This allows you to make sensible and defined budget arrangements for your company, and means you won't be hit by any sudden financial surprises further on in the agreement. You avoid the risk of vehicle depreciation, as vehicle responsibility will transfer back to us, the dealership, at the end of the contract. Road tax is included as part of the package, and we can also discuss and include additional options such as maintenance and service as desired. The contract term is adjustable, and it is possible for you to reclaim 100 percent of the VAT from the vehicle, depending on your VAT status.


We can offer you Extended Cab Isuzu vehicles under Contract Hire, giving your business a financial advantage when it comes to short-term car ownership. We will agree fixed monthly costs with you, allowing you to easily budget the contract into your company spending. What's more, 100% of VAT is reclaimable. Your company also avoids the risk of vehicle depreciation, as the vehicle returns to us at the end of the Contract Hire process. Contract Hire includes road tax as standard, and can be expanded to include features such as ongoing maintenance and service options. 


You have the option of purchasing an Isuzu Double Cab vehicle under Contract Hire, allowing your company to budget intelligently and simply with us. Double Cab vehicles are available from us for a fixed monthly cost, enabling you and your business to know exactly what your outgoings will be each month, and preventing unexpected price increases further along the process. At the end of the Contract Hire agreement, the vehicle will be returned back to us at the dealership. The benefit of this is that you and your company won't have to deal with vehicle depreciation - and you will have the freedom of taking on a completely new vehicle afterwards.